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145 - How To Overcome Immeasurable Stress Through Emotional Resilience with Kevin Borg

March 13, 2024 Brandon Clift / Kevin Borg Episode 145
ManKind Podcast
145 - How To Overcome Immeasurable Stress Through Emotional Resilience with Kevin Borg
Show Notes
Have you ever considered the profound impact emotional intelligence has on the front lines of military and law enforcement? Join me as I sit down with Kevin, a former British Army soldier and police officer of Maltese descent, who shares his compelling story about navigating the complexities of emotional awareness amid the strictures of military life. He candidly recounts the personal battles with racism, the struggle for identity, and the pivotal role emotions play in situations where resilience is not just a trait but a necessity.

Our conversation takes a deep look into the heart of the armed forces, where the balance between combat readiness and the softer skills of human interaction are being recalibrated. Kevin gives us a rare glimpse into the changing face of the British Army, particularly the new Ranger unit, where mental health and emotional intelligence are becoming as crucial as physical prowess. In the same breath, we explore the shift from the battlefield to the beat as Kevin reflects on his subsequent career in the police force. He illustrates how empathy and effective communication are vital tools for de-escalation and maintaining order, especially when physical force is not an option.

Finally, we touch on the essence of leadership through the lens of emotional intelligence. Kevin's personal tales of facing severe stress, including the grave illness of his wife and the loss of his mother, underscore the critical need for supportive networks and the courage found in vulnerability. Our discussion extends towards a vision for transformed uniformed services across Europe, with leadership that marries the rigor of discipline with the nurturing of psychological safety. The 2011 UK riots serve as a stark reminder of why adaptable and emotionally intelligent leadership is indispensable in today's volatile world. Tune in for a journey that promises to challenge your perceptions and perhaps change the way you view those who serve and protect.

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