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The Wholehearted Way To Equity - Working With White Men | Dan Mahle | Ep. 087

August 25, 2022 Episode 87
ManKind Podcast
The Wholehearted Way To Equity - Working With White Men | Dan Mahle | Ep. 087
Show Notes
What are the pitfalls / paradoxes / possibilities / risks / benefits of engaging in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work as a White man?

Dan Mahle is man I’ve been following in the ManKind Project for a decade. He’s always stood out to me because of his integrity in leadership, his truth-telling, and his compassion with Wholeheartedness.  

We sat down to talk about his work with organizations and teams on building equitable culture, especially working with white men. 

It starts with knowing who we are … cultivating our innate sense of value and significance.

What does it look like to lean into the resistance that many white men have around equity work? 

Do you feel like you’re walking on eggshells around this conversation? 
Dan has some incredible insights around how to move beyond this old frame. 

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