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How to Get Men Past Cold, Rigid & Isolated By Liberating Masculinity | Ed Frauenheim | Ep. #084

August 05, 2022 Episode 84
ManKind Podcast
How to Get Men Past Cold, Rigid & Isolated By Liberating Masculinity | Ed Frauenheim | Ep. #084
Show Notes

hosted by Boysen Hodgson

In this conversation we’ll hit some of the factors that are driving our poor health outcomes.

We've bought in to ways of being that hurt us ... and everyone else. But it didn’t start with us. The provocative thesis that Ed puts forward is that our nature as men … the narrative we’re told about what it means to be man, has been corrupted. The current perspectives in anthropology, sociology, psychology, and neuroscience … are very different than what the academy has been saying for a long time. 

What if progress … as we’ve understood it … is killing us? 

We talk about the idea of ‘Circle and Arrow’ masculinity. And we talk about Integral thinking and how ‘Teal’ perspectives can help develop more soulful organizations to improve business performance. How can we help and support one another evolve our workplaces … and succeed. 

The bottom line … as you’ll hear Ed say in the episode ... is that Liberating Masculinity is about supporting men to move from rigid, cold, and isolated manhood … to embrace something more … in a world that needs men’s agility, warmth, and connection.

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